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Timing the minima of eclipsing binary stars.

(21 April 2022)

  There are several important tasks that must be done so that the data are usable and can be combined with data from other observers. In addition to collecting the light curve data, these critical steps are needed:
  • Measuring the time of minimum or time of central eclipse
  • From the measured geocentric UT of the eclipse, determining the heliocentric UT
  • Reducing the photometry data to magnitudes outside the Earth's atmosphere
  • Produce a report in AAVSO or other formats, for archiving

Data on specific eclipsing binary stars.

  Here are a few of the eclipsing binaries I've been looking at. Data for those object with dimmed names are not available yet:

EP Andromedae

ET Boötis

SW Cancri

V0860 Cassiopeiae

CC Comae Berenices

AH Geminorum

DF Hydrae

RT Leonis

UV Leonis

IP Pegasi

AS Monocerotis

EQ Orionis

GU Orionis

RV Piscium

AS Serpentis

SW Sextantis

EQ Tauri

HW Virginis

LU Virginis

NY Virginis

BI Vulpeculis

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